In Pain? Need To Be Seen Right Away? We Are Winnipeg's Walk-In Chiropractor!

Winnipeg Walk-In X-Ray

Do You Need An X-Ray, But Don't Have Time To Wait?

Walk-In X-Ray Now Open!

The Team at RC Walk-In Chiro is pleased to offer Winnipeg Walk-In X-Ray services! No more waiting or having to book an appointment. Just stop in with your requisition and we will get your x-ray taken as quickly as possible.

About Winnipeg Walk-In X-Ray

X-rays are considered to be one of the most frequently used forms of medical imaging. At RC Walk-In Chiro, we offer walk-in x-ray services to detect problems in the bones, such as fractures or evidence of arthritis in the joints, and in the chest, such as pneumonia.

What is an X-Ray?

Traditional x-ray images are captured when radiation is emitted through a body part that requires investigation. X-ray examinations take seconds to perform and are literally painless for the patient. X-ray imaging has come a long way — all of the equipment used at RC Walk-In Chiro is digital technology.

Zarah Sabir, Medical Radiologic Technologist | RC Walk-in Chiropractic
Zarah Sabir, Medical Radiologic Technologist

Instructions for Your Winnipeg Walk-In X-Ray Visit

Our Walk-in X-ray services are provided on a first-come-first-served basis — no appointment is necessary but can be made. Please inform your x-ray technologist if you are, or think you could be pregnant — x-rays can harm your baby.

Please Remember to bring your x-ray requisition signed by your medical or chiropractic doctor.

Learn More about Winnipeg Walk-In X-Ray Services

To learn more about our Winnipeg Walk-In X-Ray services or for more information about our Services, please contact our Winnipeg Chiropractic clinic by telephone at (204) 942-4476!

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